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Doula Services and Childbirth Education Classes
        Knoxville,TN.  and East TN.
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"Oh Baby" offers you the Best in Doula Services for your birth by providing prenatal support with continuous presence in labor and delivery.
"Oh Baby" offers you the Best in Postpartum Doula Services. This is 4th trimester care for Mom and her family to restore back to emotional and physical health. Newborn Baby Care Services are also available.
"Oh Baby" offers you the Best in Childbirth Education Classes. All classes are available to accommodate Mom and family privacy and schedule. "Freedom of decision"  -  mom and dad will learn tools for their birth journey and skills to ease into parenthood transition. 
"Oh Baby" can help you with your journey of pregnancy, labor, delivery and 4th trimester care. 
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Oh Baby was born on Nantucket Island (MA) as a result of my passion to educate moms and families to their choices about pregnancy, labor, birth and care of the newborn baby. My passion also includes being present with moms during birth and postpartum providing continuous physical, emotional, and instructional support as desired by the Mom while offering dad/family encouragement and comfort.
The name "Oh Baby" was verbalized by my daughter during the last trimester of pregnancy while massaging her uterus and talking to her unborn son. I was encouraged by her to begin fulfilling my passion in a different role.
"Oh Baby" is an independant business now with services offered privately to parents, birth centers, hospitals and Doctors offices.
Nancy Lantz RN, BSN, ICCE/CD graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College, Buckhannon, W.Va. in Nursing. Her love for Mother/Baby, Nursing and Womens Health began in college and her first job after graduation was in a OB-GYN Department located in a small rural W.Va. town. She was also a La Leche Leader (now an alumni).
Nancy continued her nursing profession in high risk labor and delivery at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville, TN.  As an RN, she is experienced in low and high risk labor and delivery, postpartum and newborn care. She also has worked as a Clinical Instructor for RN students.
Nancy has traveled to many countries through church missions and served in health related work.  She is trained and certified as a Doula and Childbirth Educator by the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA).  Nancy has Doula experience with moms birthing in hospitals (low and high risk) and free standing birth centers. She has worked with moms who choose non-medicated vaginal births and  Moms having medications for labor/birth .
 Nancy also assists Moms to prepare for Cesarean Section births or VBACS.
Postpartum Doula care (in home)  includes initiation of breast feeding, assisting Mom with baby care skills/confidence and postpartum mood disorders support.
Nancy is at home in Tennessee and frequently travels to anywhere there is an ocean and beach.  Favorite dog - Mary, her  mini dachshund.  Favorite sweet - Chunky Monkey ice cream.  Her best supporters-husband, David, as well as her three adult children/spouses and best friend, Barbara.
Nancy is honored to be part of Mom's birth team!
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