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             Childbirth Education Classes                                       Knowledge is power. Power to have a gentle birth. Power to trust your body to give birth"  nbl
Childbirth Education Class
(Series of 4-6 two hour classes) 
 Introducing first time parents to the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy, labor, and birth. Topics include changes during pregnancy, stages of labor, relaxation skills, role of support person, effective natural comfort measures for labor, risk/benefits of medical interventions, choices, and newborn care/breast feeding. Time is provided to practice all skills. Discussions are openly encouraged to help parents make informed decisions in planning for the birth of their baby.
Tour of birth facility may be provided.
Cost  $75.00-$125.00 (includes book/handouts)
One Day Prepared Childbirth Class
(Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm)
Intensive preparation classes for first time parents. Includes management of discomfort during pregnancy, labor and delivery process, medical interventions, newborn characteristics, baby care and breastfeeding.
Cost $125.00 (includes book/handouts/lunch)
Refresher Class
(2-4 hours)
Will accommodate your schedule.  Discuss present pregnancy and your desires for labor/delivery. Review process of birth.  Learn and practice relaxation techniques and labor comfort measures. Update medical interventions and sibling preparation for new baby.

 Special consideration and discussion for Cesarean Section and VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean Section)
Cost  $75.00 (includes handouts)
Planning for Cesarean Birth
        (2-4 hours)
Your guide to a positive birth experience. Preparing for surgery,anesthesia, recovery in hospital and home. Breast feeding and newborn care by request.
Cost   $75.00 ( includes book/handouts)
Baby Care Class/Parent Transition
A Guide to the first 6 weeks
(2 hour class - call for dates)
Teaches Mom and Dad baby care skills, health and safety tips, playing with and calming baby. Information on SIDS, Shaken Baby Syndrome and car seat choices. Learn cloth and disposable diapering, cord care, hygiene, sleep-wake cycles. This class will prepare you and increase your confidence as parents.
Cost  $50.00 (includes book/handouts)
ABC's of Breast Feeding Class 
      (2 hours, as needed)
Breast care, positions for breast feeding, learn to teach your baby correct latch, is my baby getting enough?, going back to work, nutrition for mom, preventing and dealing with problems.
Your contact during your Breast is Best days. 
cost $50.00 (includes books/handouts)
Baby Development Milestones
(birth to 6 months)
 1 hour---call for dates
Big Brother/Big Sister Class
 (1 hour --- call for dates)
Teaches siblings the characteristics of newborn
babies and how to be helpful to Mom. Holding a baby (doll) is practiced. This is an interactive class using puppets and viewing a DVD. Age appropriate information is provided.
Cost  $25.00 (activity book & project)
         Big Bro/Big Sis 100% cotton T shirts are
         available for $12.00
Preparing for Multiples Childbirth Class
  (Series of 4-5 two hours classes)
Same topics as Prepared Childbirth Class Series but designed for multiple pregnancy and related labor/delivery.
Take this particular class between 26-30 weeks of pregnancy.
Cost  $75.00-$125.00 (includes book/handouts)
Available for Prenatal Consultation
  • All programs available in private classes in your home or other choice of location
  • Recommended to take classes at 32-34 weeks of pregnancy (except for multiples)
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