Oh Baby - Childbirth Classes/Doula Services
                  About Oh Baby Birth
 Whenever and however you intend to give birth
               Your experience will impact 
                       your emotions                                                          
                               your mind                         
                                       your body
                                                your spirit
             For the rest of your life
                                                                  Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
"Oh Baby" offers a menu of Educational Classes and Doula Services to meet the needs of all expectant Moms and families. Classes are based on the ICEA motto "freedom of choice based on knowledge of alternatives."  Doula Services include Labor/Birth support and/or Postpartum care and/or Newborn Baby care in your home. Your Doula recognizes this birth is about the birth of a baby and the birth of a family.
                            "Peace of mind for you and your family" 
Nancy Lantz RN, BSN  ICCEA/ ICD                                                Location
International Certified Childbirth Educator/                                 Maryville, Tn. 37803
Certified Doula                                                                           865-659-2899   
                   Contact Nancy as soon as you know you are pregnant.
                             Phone Consultations/e-mails welcome
      Serving Knoxville,TN. and surrounding area locations                                                             
                   Willing to travel to your "choice" birth place and 4th trimester location
                       "My Doula Bag is packed and ready to travel"
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